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Guidelines of the written examination

The written examination for the admission to the PhD Course in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (32nd cycle) will deal with the topics hereafter reported.

Fundamentals of: Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry.

a)Anticancer drugs: from drug discovery to analytical characterization.
b)Pharmaceutical preparations for oral administration.

Exemplificative Titles of previous exams:

1. Ion chromatography: principles and applications
2. Solid electrolytes: structure, properties, and applications.
3. Magnetic properties of transition metal complexes
4. Protective groups in organic synthesis
5. b-Adrenergic antagonist drugs: medicinal chemistry and analytical aspects.
6. Formulation approaches to injectable nanoparticulate drug delivery systems based on polymers.

1. Ion selective electrodes: principles and applications
2. Electronic structure of solids.
3. Isomerism in coordination compounds
4. Aromatic substitution reactions
5. Ca2+-Antagonist drugs: medicinal chemistry and analytical aspects.
6. Colloidal injectable delivery systems: types and characteristics.

1. Determination of trace metals in environmental matrices
2. X-Ray diffraction: principles, techniques, and applications.
3. Electron transfer reactions in coordination complexes
4. Nucleophilic addition to the carbonyl group and to  , -unsaturated carbonyl derivatives
5. Drugs active on the renin-angiotensin system: medicinal chemistry and analytical aspects.
6. Requirements for injectable drug delivery systems.
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