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Educational program at the PHD IN CHEMICAL AND PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES includes courses, seminars, Conferences attendance, and experimental work concerning the scientific topic of the PhD thesis. A scheme of the program and the credits (CTS) recognized for each activity is reported in the following table:

ACTIVITIES 1st year (CTS) 2nd year (CTS) 3rd year (CTS) Total (CTS)
Courses 12 12 - 24
Seminars 3 3 2 8
Other activities (Conferences, Congresses, etc.) 3 3 3 9
Thesis: experimental work 42 42 43 127
Thesis: writing and discussion - - 12 12
60 60 60 180

The PhD student, according to the research programs active in the Chemistry Department and in the Department of DRUG SCIENCES at the University of Pavia, chooses an innovative and original research topic included in one of the two main areas (Curricula):


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