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The PhD program welcomes applications both from individuals who majored in Chemistry, in Pharmaceutical Sciences and related disciplines . Several active research topics are available for Graduate Students (see Research Topics section at: http://phdscchim.unipv.eu/site/en/home/research-topics.html) from the synthesis and development of bioactive compounds to drug discovery from natural sources, functionalised solid phases to Molecular and supramolecular sensors, materials for site-specific delivery systems, tissue repairing and stem cells encapsulation.

Doctoral studies are open to candidates without any restriction on age and citizenship.
The main requisite for participating in the selection procedure for doctoral studies is a second-level University degree, equivalent to the Master of Science (5 years academic courses, usually a 3-year Bachelor plus 2-year Master program).
In his/her application, the candidate graduated abroad must include all relevant information for assessing the equivalence of his/her University degree to the Italian one. The main information is the final University degree(s), including the denominations and the grades of all exams during the 5 years.

Admission to the doctoral studies is decided after a selection procedure, which takes place once a year. Detailed information about application for PhD program in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences will be available each year at the University web site: http://www.unipv.eu/on-line/en/Home/Academics/ResearchDoctorates-PhD.html

The selection procedure is performed on the basis of qualifications and examinations (written and oral). Candidates must take a written exam (usually an essay dealing with general undergraduate chemistry) and an oral exam (interview) with the committee (usually a discussion of their research interests and/or of the content of the written exam).
Both written and oral exams can be taken in English. Dates of exams will be reported each year in the call for applications (http://www.unipv.eu/site/en/home/research/phd-courses.html). Successful candidates are admitted to the doctoral studies, which start on October 1st of each year. The amount of the fellowship is € 13638.47 per year, which may be increased by 50% if the graduate student spends research periods abroad (maximum 18 months in the three-year PhD course).

Non-Italian Students admitted to the PhD program, holding an academic title obtained in a non-Italian University, must certify the equivalence of their academic title to the second-level Italian degree (laurea specialistica or laurea magistrale). In particular, all documents are required in original and in Italian or English sworn translation.
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