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Resarch topics
Several research topics active in the Department of Chemistry and in the Department of DRUG SCIENCES are available for Graduate Students RESEARCH TOPICS: Design, synthesis and development of bioactive compounds. Drug discovery from natural sources; study of glicopeptide vaccines. Computational methods in bio-organic systems. Organocatalysis; green chemistry; photochemistry; structures and properties of metalloenzymes. Synthesis, structural and functional characterization of materials and nanomaterials for applications in energetics, sensing, tissue engineering and nanomedicine. Functionalised solid phases for analytical applications. Molecular and supramolecular sensors. Materials and techniques for cultural heritage. Study of drug/macromolecule interaction via bio-chromatography and molecularly imprinted polymers. Novel modified and site-specific delivery systems, scaffolds and hemoderivatives for tissue repairing, stem cells encapsulation.
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