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Courses 2007
C-C bond formation by photochemical reactions

Professor M. Fagnoni

The course will begin with an introduction about basic concepts about photochemistry and its importance in the field of organic synthesis. It will explain light effects on molecular compounds reactivity, with particular attention to reaction mechanism of H extraction and photoinduced electron transfer.

After this introduction, the course will focus in the possible synthetic applications of photochemistry in C-C bond formation. Firstly, it will be discussed photocatalysis (process in which the molecule who absorb the light acts as reaction catalyst) and then aromatic substitution reactions (arylations and photoinduced nucleophilic substitution). In certain cases photochemical method will be confronted with the termal one, both in reaction efficency and enviromental impact.

Story of Chemistry

Professors: G. Caccialanza, P. Ferloni, L. Garlaschelli, P. Iadarola, G.G. Mellerio

Introduction. Method issues. "Bella e potente". (P. Ferloni, 2 ore)

Chemistry in the middle of Botanic and Pharmacy in XIX e XX centuries (G.G. Mellerio, 2 ore)

Important Chemists in Pavia in the beginning of XX century (G.G. Mellerio, 2 ore)

Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Pavia in the XX century (G. Caccialanza, 2 ore)

Important Pharmaceutical Chemists in Pavia in the beginning of XX century (G. Caccialanza, 2 ore)

Biochemistry in Pavia in the XX century (P. Iadarola, 2 ore)

Important BioChemists in Pavia in the beginning of XX century (P. Iadarola, 2 ore)

Story of some organic molecules in XX century: introduction (L. Garlaschelli, 2 ore)

Important Organic Chemists in Pavia in the beginning of XX century L. Garlaschelli, 2 ore)

Story of Chemistry in XX Century. Conclusions. (P. Ferloni, 2 ore).

During the course it will be a two hours tour in the Museo per la Storia della Universitą

Bibliography: L. Cerruti, Bella e potente, Editori Riuniti, Roma 2003

New materials for energetic and sensoristic

Professors: G. Spinolo, G. Flor, A. Magistris

The main target of the course is to present the basic knowledge about techological systems in combustible cells and electrochemical sensors.

After an introduction about solid state electrochemistry, charge and mass transport processes, nanostructured system and control method for the transport property in this systems, some specifical cases will be cosidered (i.e. massive oxide, nanoparticles, polimeryr membranes, inorganic films, hybrid systems, ...). It will be illustrate in detail most significative results in structural aspects, functional properties and the relation structure/property, to present how in modern research computational techniques join with innovative characterization techniques.

Examples of materials and devices treated: ionic oides, nanoparticles, polymeric membrane, inorganic films, hybrid systems, ion selective electrodes.
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